Rental Clean-Up

Have leftover abandoned property in your rental unit? We offer post-renter junk removal services to help clear out and clean up your rental property.


Are you moving and don't have time to sell or dispose of unwanted items? MacGregor Hauling & Removal will pick up your unwanted junk and dispose of it for you.

Seller Clean-up

Are you selling your real estate and need junk removed? Perhaps the previous owner left behind junk? We can haul off the unwanted clutter, so your property is market ready.

Junk removal services

At MacGregor Hauling & Removal, we understand what a hassle it can be to clean up abandoned property leftover from previous tenants. Filling your apartment dumpsters is both an eyesore and an inconvenience to your current renters. We can help clear out and haul off that unwanted junk.

In addition to providing services to landlords, we also offer services to tenants and homeowners, who need a hand de-cluttering or doing junk removal in preparation to leave or sell a property.

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